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High Life Trouble Putting Eye Liner ? Follow These 5 Easy steps

Trouble Putting Eye Liner ? Follow These 5 Easy steps

Yes ! It is true some girls do not know how to put on liquid eyeliner. This might help:

 Step 1 -Choose your brand

What kind of eyeliner are you going to use, big brush or thick brush ? Lakme or Elle 18 ? this is a very important thing as every company comes with best offers and quality. Choose which suits you perfectly.

different eyeliners to choose from
Credit : Peach sand

 Step 2 – Apply Primer

Before applying eye – liner first applies primer. If you are planning to use eye shadow then put it before eye primer.

apllying eye primer - how to apply it
Credit : cosmopolitan

 Step 3 – Hold the position

This can be tricky ! to get perfect eye lining, you have to apply eyeliner perfectly. Just hold your elbow in your hand and first apply little dots along your eyelids, so that your eyeliner won’t be up and down.

 Step 4 – Smooth the Liner

After, putting dots apply the liner with a steady hand. Applying now is easy because you have already applied dots.

how to apply liquid eyeliner
Credit : Getty images

Step 5 –  Draw The line you like

Put up your eyeliner the way you like there are many options to choose from Simples to Retro.

different eye liners

Follow these easy steps and get the look !

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