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True Confession Of An IT engineer :With A Salary Of 22K Per Month, An IT eNGINEER Living A Lavish Life In Bangalore

True Confession Of An IT engineer

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Yes I am an engineer & I work for India’s top IT company.

I work in a top IT company in Bangalore, my salary is 22000 per month and today I want to tell you the story of my lavish and happy life which I live daily. PS: And I have a girlfriend also.


I live in a 2 bhk flat with three other office mates. I have always dreamt of such a life. The biggest part of my expenditure is the rent & food which costs me around 10k every month. *Spent: 10K* *Balance: 12K*


Yes you heard it right when I said I have always dreamt of such a life but I pay Rs. 500 for electricity, Rs. 1000 for mobile & TV recharge, Rs. 300 for WiFi which is actually for porn & Rs. 200 for the maid who cleans the place. *Spent: 2K* *Balance: 10K*


Me & my girlfriend hang out at least 4 times a month. Sometimes we go watch a movie & sometimes we go on night outs at local bars. It costs me around 4K every month for all those kisses and hugs. *Spent: 4K* *Balance: 6K*


I am an engineer. I drink, I smoke & I travel on Sundays. For these things, I waste Rs. 3K but I never regret doing it. BC yeh hi toh zindagi hai! *Spent: 3K* *Balance: 3K*


And it is god damn important to satisfy your taste buds by eating out once in a while. That once in a while goes hard on me at times. *Spent: 2K* *Balance: 1K*


My mother always used to tell me that buy a pair of clothes at least once in a month. Yes mom with a balance of 1K I always look for a nice pair of underwears & personal grooming stuff. *Spent: 1K* *Balance: 0*


And suddenly I realize there are still 4 days left for my next salary and with a 0 balance in my bank account. My father comes to my rescue.


Moral of the post: BC ke 4 saal ke baad har sem mai back bachane ke baad milta kya hai, 22k ki naukri, 12 Hrs AC main kaam and babaji ka thullu. #ConfessionOfAnItEngineer


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