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Truth About Aliens Is The Key To Earth Safety, Will Reveal Soon

Truth About Aliens Is The Key To Earth Safety, Will Reveal Soon


Extraterrestrial life or Alien life is a life that does not originate from Earth. Although many scientists expect extraterrestrial life to exist, there is no unambiguous evidence for its existence so far. The science of alien life is known as exobiology.

Editor of, Scott C Waring, says a reported increase in UFO sightings means the world leaders behind an alleged cover-up over alien contact will no longer be able to keep it quiet.

Alien Life

National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC)

The National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) is an organization in the United States that investigates UFO sightings or alien contacts. NUFORC has been in continuous operation since 1974. According to data from the NUFORC, UFO sightings around the world have reached an all-time high.

Mr. Waring wrote in a blog: “The internet has caused many things to change in our world. One of them being that more UFO sightings are being reported daily than ever before. It’s my estimate that over hundreds of UFOs per day are being seen by thousands of eyewitnesses, but still, only a few of them report the sightings.”

Source: Project UFO

He further added: “Evidence is growing on a daily basis, which will one day confirm that aliens exist. Cameras and online sharing networks are changing, making sharing these sightings easier, more convenient.”

In November 2011, the White House released an official response to two petitions asking the government to admit that aliens have visited Earth. According to the response, “The U.S. government has no evidence that any life exists outside our planet, or that an extraterrestrial presence has contacted or engaged any member of the human race.”

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