Ever tried being completely honest? Ever tried saying it all without bothering even a thought?

We all humans have that tendency to be honest but we really are not! We think lying would help us impress someone but that is really not the case. Truth has those certain hidden reflexes which unknowingly makes us seem much more attractive. Here’s a why-

Truth helps make the eye contacts better.


Having an eye contact with someone you talk, is always a sign of confidence and boosts your personality! In shorter terms, it makes you look hot! An eye to eye contact reflects the sheer interest you have in listening to the other person, making the conversation even more intense.

It helps reduce the bodily gestures.

Two men having a discussion in a office

Whenever, we talk to someone, certainly we do not like them to make too many hand gestures or eye gestures which help us lose our focus! Being honest gives us that sudden confidence against unforeseen rejection. We know what we are and hence we can adhere to telling what we really are!

You can always explore yourself easier.


Psychologically, whenever we express the reality, we get a sudden impulse in our brains, which coaxes us to be better with our word, knowing, we are actually right! Truth, gives us that confidence to explore, say what we are reluctant about and be much exploratory with our moves, be it any!!

It helps you be Provocative.

High school student at job or college interview

Yes, trying to impress someone is never one sided. One must know how to get this out of the other person as well! When you know, what you are saying is the truth, you know that no one can counter attack you with a statement powerful than your own. It gives you that authority to push the other person and get them to all the levels of being provoked, wherever and however you can!

It reduces your pain to think!


Being thoughtful is good, but really doesn’t seem impressive when in the middle of a conversation. When you know what you have to say, you think lesser and act more. Our actions are then what define us, if carried out well you nail it all!