Lohri is one of the major festivals of north India which marks the culmination of winters by worshipping fire. Lohri is celebrated by lighting fire and creating a bonfire to mark the onset of longer and warmer days. Another reason that makes lohri so important is that punjabi farmers consider the day after lohri as the financial new year, which hold immense importance to the sikh community. Lohri is essentially the excuse to eat more sweet things! 😛

This Lohri try these delicacies and make merry!



No lohri is complete without Til Ladoos.They are very easy to make and everyone who has sweet tooth will love these.They are the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy.



Better known as ghachak in Punjabi, this is an absolute favourite among kid adults and elders!



Rewari is a hard candy like sweet dish made of sesame and coated with jaggery. It comes in different sizes and appearances.



Pinni is nothing but a laddoo made from flour and loads of dry fruits.It is an absolute favourite among Punjabis.It is made keeping in mind various health benefits.



These are puffed rice sweet balls.This is a maharashtrian dish and it’s considered auspicious to make this at home during sakranti.

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