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News Famous Actress Exposes a Mumbai Police Cop on Instagram Who Wanted to...

Famous Actress Exposes a Mumbai Police Cop on Instagram Who Wanted to See Her in a Bikini

Really Disgusting! In a shocking news from TV, Kumkum Bhagya fame Shikha Singh who is currently portraying the gray shade role of Aliya in the show has exposed something you can’t believe. The actress is quite active on social media.

And, recently she got some weird comment on one of her picture on the photo-sharing social platform, Instagram. The comment reads:

“Beautiful. Pl upload some hottest poses with bikini or microminis as new year gift”.

This irked her and she exposed the man. She found out the man on Instagram, he was a police officer. The actress did not hesitate to track him down on social media to reveal his identity in public. She took screenshots of his Facebook account, profile picture, bio and the comment (which he posted on one of her photos on Instagram) and wrote:

“Just bcos a person doesn’t put hands at you, that doesn’t mean they aren’t abusive. Abuse is Control, Blatant disrespect, and also hurtful words. You can’t get away easy Mr. Jagdish Gunge !! Shame on you!!”

When a leading entertainment portal confronted the actress she said that

“We keep getting a lot of hate messages, there’s no denial in that. But I saw this and I just wanted to see who this person is. And when a friend decided to check his Facebook profile. That’s when we found out that he’s a police friggin’ officer. It was very disappointing and I thought it needs to be brought to notice because these are the people who are protecting us.”

Shikha Singh

She further said,

“It’s not just them, I have an issue with the mentality. I have an issue with anybody who is doing it. Unfortunately, this guy who I’ve just highlighted is a police officer which is a shame. In general, you have no right to write such things on our page. As a celebrity, you think we’ll only be seen in skimpy clothes but it is our call. It is my call what I want to wear, you don’t dictate. Neither can you dictate this to any girl, she will wear what she wants to wear. She will do whatever she wants to do. Who the freak are you to tell them!”

She even told that she took an action against the culprit.

“Yes, absolutely. I saw that he lives in Thane. So I’m going to go to the Thane police station on 21st January 2018 and I’m going to try to find this guy. I am pursuing this. Such things cannot be left so lightly. Most of the people I know and a lot of people commented on the post saying ‘What can you do? Just ignore’ and all that. The problem is that the more we ignore, the more they do it and they think they are getting away with it. We need to pick it up so the next person doesn’t think about doing it.”

Shikha Singh

She went on to say that,

“It’s very important to stop these people at this stage. You don’t have to wait for someone to touch you here and there on the road. You don’t have to wait for rape to happen. Fight the mentality and put a stop to it. Everything is abuse. It is all wrong on every level. We don’t tell you what to do and you don’t tell me what to do. Everybody should stand up against it. You need to stop ignoring it. Stand up and voice your opinion. If you don’t, trust me, there’s some other girl who will face the brunt of it.”

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