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TV Industry Puts Lives Under Risk By Shooting Till 19 March, What Do You Think?

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The whole world is under the attack of the pandemic coronavirus in present. On 15 March, the Indian Motion Picture Producers’ Association (IMPA) ordered all film and television shoots to stop from 19 March to 31 March.

TV Industry Puts Lives Under Risk By Shooting Till 19 March

But there is a contradiction that why this is not implemented immediately. Why they ordered on 15th and told to stop after four days.

In an interview with The Quint, the General Secretary of CINTAA (Cine and Television Artists Association), Sushant Singh has given his statement. He said- “Even though I feels the shutdown should have been immediate, but the decision to continue shooting till 19 March could be because the production companies of daily soaps wanted to “create some sort of a bank of episodes”.

In my personal opinion, it should have been immediate. But I am guessing because of the pressure under which all the daily soaps operate. I guess they decided to give a 3-day leeway to create some sort of a bank of episodes, that’s the only explanation.

Sushant Singh, General Secretary, CINTAA

While president of IFTDA (Indian Film and Television Director’s Association), Ashoke Pandit said-

“We have given a gap till Thursday (19 March). So that people get ready accordingly, pack up and return from outstation. Our TV industry is an important one and even they will get time to organize things,”

If we see from the safety’s point of view, this should have happened earlier. Tv produce Sandiip Sikcand said-

“At this point of time we all need to keep business and TRPs aside and look at it from a more human perspective. God forbid if any of us fall ill, we will be able to get and afford treatment. But what if your spot boy, make-up artists, light men and others fall ill then? We should all just forget being money-makers and content creators for once and just look at it as a more humanitarian point of view.”

The decision will be taken after 30 March

Let us tell you that first, the authorities will re-examine the situation after 30 March. After that, any decision will be taken to begin re-shooting the films, web series and TV serials.

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