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Entertainment Twinkle Khanna Shares Her Bedroom Secrets With Hubby Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna Shares Her Bedroom Secrets With Hubby Akshay Kumar

Twinkle Khanna is known for her good sense of humour. She is a good writer as well as a columnist. Recently, her article was published in a Leading Newspaper, in which she disclosed what she and Akshay Kumar do in their bedroom. In fact, she revealed through the article that she and her husband first go and kill the mosquitos in the room and also keep in mind that no window in the room is left open.

Twinkle Reveals Her bedroom Secrets:

Twinkle Khanna has always been intimidating others with her thoughts. She does sarcastic jibes on people. Recently she has written a column, named ‘Blue Whale Game’. Blue Whale is a social media game due to which many have lost their lives. He revealed in the column in a funny way, saying that as soon as the son went to the house to celebrate a birthday party with friends, we both went to the bedroom with the daughter. As soon as we went to the bedroom, we thought of playing a game. And we started a mosquito killing game. I handed over an electric racket to my husband so that he could start killing the mosquitoes’.

Twinkle also revealed in the article that she did a blunder with the spellings of the name of his son Aarav last year on his birthday cake. Shee wrote that Aarav said to her this year, ‘Mom, this year, you will be taking care of that the spelling of my name on the cake is correct. Because last year you gave the clarification that spellings of the name went wrong as the hotel chef would suppose to be a member of Shiv Sena.’

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