Trending Twitter Gives The Most Epic Response To PIB's Photoshop Blunder

Twitter Gives The Most Epic Response To PIB’s Photoshop Blunder

Don’t underestimate the power of a common..Tweet! 

A single Tweet can do alot! Just like the one PIB posted which was unduly and quite badly photoshopped featuring none other the Prime Minister Of India, Sri Narendra Modiji. The Press Information Bureau showed the picture in which Modi can be seen overlooking Flooded parts of Chennai from his airplane, conducting an aerial survey.

Soon after, people on Twitter caught what was fishy in the picture and various funny pictures cam along the way showing the worst of photoshop, only they were all face-splitting hilarious!

Nothing beats a Good Classic Meme, like this one right here!


Modiji On Mangal Yaarta..aapki Yatra MANGALmyyi Ho!

Snack time For Modi ji..




Ye Kahan aagye Hum…



When PM saw something much more than what was expected..


Thanks to Press Information Bureau for helping us bust some stress through this!

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