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Two Foreign Tourists Paid Rs 500 For a Two Day Stay In A Jail In Telangana

Two Foreign Tourists Paid Rs 500 For a Two Day Stay In A Jail In Telangana


Foreign tourists pay a visit to other countries to experience the good things of that particular place. They stay in good hotels, travel in fancy buses and trains and with the day ends they stumble upon a good dinner. But in case of these two Malaysian tourists, it all seemed upside down.

Ng Inn Wo and his friend Ong Boon Tek, a dentist and the restaurant owner respectively came from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Hyderabad to get jailed. Yes, you read it right! They spent a weekend at the Heritage Jail Museum in Telangana. 

The Telangana Prison Department runs the unique jail tourism programme called “Feel The Jail” where anyone can spend 24 hours inside the Sangareddy prison. According to the records, this jail is more than 220 years old and was constructed in the year 1796 A.D, during the Prime Ministership of Salar Jung I.

In this museum, the jail clothes are also provided by the authorities to get the feel of a real prisoner. And while your visit you have to do all the stuff that prisoners do like gardening, cleaning and other activities. The meals are also cooked by the prisoners and then you have to share it. It is bizarre, true but something out of the box. If you are also one of those who really likes to experience the never before things this place is for you!

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