Ragini Dwivedi, Sanjjana Galrani To Be Questioned By ED In Sandalwood Drug Case

Sanjjana Galrani and Ragini Dwivedi will reportedly be questioned by the Enforcement Directorate (ED) in Bengaluru's central prison.
News Two Nepalese Women Raped By Saudi Diplomat In Gurgaon

Two Nepalese Women Raped By Saudi Diplomat In Gurgaon

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Two Nepalese Women were allegedly raped by a Saudi Diplomat and his friends in his flat in Gurgaon on Wednesday. The women have also claimed that the  culprits did Horrific things to them and threatened to kill them.

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The Saudi embassy protested against the police “intrusion” into the Diplomat’s flat stating that the allegations were all false and a police intrusion was against all diplomatic conventions.

The women were brought in to the house to handle the domestic chores. They came to India in search for work and good salary abut soon their dreams were shattered and now the tormented women have said that they would never leave their country in search of work.

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The women were held hostage for the last four months and were repeatedly abused and sexually assaulted by 7-8 men. ” Last four months were a curse, it was so ugly we thought we were gonno die in that house and our families would never even find our bodies,” said the 20-year old who was there along with her mother as domestic help.

“There were days when seven-eight men all from saudi arabia would rape us in one day.” The women were given no food and sometimes they all only survived on biscuits, bread and watery tea. The women were only allowed to bathe that too right before they had to meet the diplomat’s “guests” who would rape them.

Source: Google

Their employer also took them to places- Nainital and Agra where he would offer the women to his other guests. More to the horror the diplomat’s wife knew of the sexual assaults but did not offer the women any help rather she would beat them.

“He Took us to Saudi Arabis for 15 days there he didn’t rape us but right after we returned he asked for a massage after which he raped us and forced us to have unnatural sex and oral sex. After that he offered us to his guests regularly” as stated by the women in their police report.

The culprit could not dare commit such a crime in his homeland but he wasn’t afraid to do such horrific things in India! Why? I guess we already know the answer to this but won’t admit!

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