bihar students becomes millionaire

In Pastia village of Azamnagar block of Katihar district of Bihar, people suddenly started checking their balance by standing in the line of banks. Because in the account of two school children living in the village, such amount came into the account overnight, which is not even can be seen in the account of any rich person. After the arrival of such a huge amount in the bank account of the children, people all over the area started checking their balances.

Crores of rupees came in the account of two students

Every person in the village is checking the balance of his account since Wednesday evening. Actually, the whole matter is that the number of crores of rupees came together in the account of two children studying in class 6, account holder in North Bihar Gramin Bank. 900 crores in the account of Asit Kumar, studying in class 6, while more than Rs 60 crores came in the account of Guru Charan Vishwas.

Money had to come for the dress

By the way, the money for the dress had to come into account for these two children. But seeing such a huge amount together, the children, as well as their family members, were surprised. For the amount of the dress, when the families of these two children went to the internet center of the village to get their accounts checked, they got confused. All the other people present there were also surprised to see such a huge amount in the bank account.

Case will be investigated

According to media reports, Manoj Gupta, the branch manager of the bank, is also shocked by this incident. However, for the time being, the bank has stopped the payment from the account of both the children, saying that it has asked to investigate the matter. The bank has also informed its senior officials about this.

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