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Two Topless Women Activists Of FEMEN France were beaten and dragged off the stage after storming a Muslim Event in the Suburbs of Paris. Femen is a notorious hardline international feminist organization which uses unconventional methods to voice their opinions.

Source: Facebook


This Saturday, two feminist activists aged 25 and 31 went topless and stormed the stage at an ongoing controversial muslim event. The women both from Islamic families ran onto the stage while two muslims imams were dsicussing whether it is right or wrong to hit and beat women. The women also shouted slogans such as “No one can enslave me, no one can posses me, I am my own prophet!” The slogans were written on their Chest.

Source: Facebook

The feminist women activists were protesting aginst ‘Womanophobia’ and violence gainst women which they say is quite widespread among muslims.


FEMEN calls out the masses fo raising voice against womanophobe integerisms to give back a stronger answer. Womanophobia is illegal. Sexism is a kind of racism. Modern Slavery is a crime! Let’s condemn them together and let’s remind them without ever losing any once of strength.

The Two Women are now being called the “Topless Jihadists”

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