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High Life Types of Bridal Mehndi Designs

Types of Bridal Mehndi Designs

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No bride is complete without the traditional mehndi adorning her hands and feet. Most young girls love mehndi and like to apply it at any given opportunity. So the application of mehndi on your bridal day is a big deal. Apart from beautifying the hands and the feet, mehendi is supposed to have cooling properties and is also known to relieve stress, which is why it is applied during the wedding. There are so many beautiful designs and types of mehndi. Every bride wants something unique for her wedding, which makes her stand apart. Here are some popular mehndi designs you can draw inspiration from.

Arabic Mehndi

This style of applying mehndi is very minimalistic. Unlike, the style of application of Indian mehndi where the entire hand is covered with intricate designs, Arabic mehendi is centered along a vine which runs across the hand, from the forefinger to the other side of the wrist. Arabic Mehndi uses variations in the size of the cone to bring out variations in design, from a very fine point cone, to a thicker one. One can see the usage of vines, birds, leaves, and flowers in list of Arabic mehndi design.

The Palanquin Design

This beautiful design is very popular with brides. It uses motifs that are common to weddings such as a palanquin and kalash. The delicate ‘jaali’ and paisleys and the swirls add to the intricacies of this design and make it popular with the brides.

Mehndi Design with Portraits

This is a very popular design and requires a very talented mehndi artist. It requires someone who can draw more than just vines and leaves, and is good with drawing figures. These types of portraits make the mehndi look special and personalized. The detailing that goes into these portraits is truly exquisite.

Minimalist Mehndi Designs

There are some brides who don’t like too much mehndi and like to keep it simple. Indian mehndi designs generally have too much happening, and there is very little skin that can be seen under the design. But not every bride likes that. These minimalist designs focus on a single image and don’t fill up the empty spaces with extra patterns or squiggles

Lotus Mehndi

Lotus is such a popular motif these days, from décor to clothing and even in mehndi. The lotus is a beautiful flower and lends itself to some beautiful artistic imagery. It looks modern and traditional at the same time.

Modern Mehndi Designs

The best part about mehndi is that you can apply it the way you want to. You don’t have to stick to any definite pattern or motif or design. These days, brides are reinterpreting traditional mehndi and having mehndi artists create designs that have some significance for the bride and the groom. It could be a shared passion, or memories of a holiday, or anything that means something special to the bride and the groom.

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