Suhana Khan Shares A Cryptic Post On ‘Misogyny’ Amid B town Drug Nexus

Checkout Sharukh Khan's daughter Suhana Khan's cryptic post that comes amid B town drug nexus.
Infotainment From 27 Years Not Even a Single Man Has Come to This...

From 27 Years Not Even a Single Man Has Come to This Village So How These Women Get Pregnant?

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You may have heard about the bizarre or unbelievable things that happened in the world so far! But the thing we will reveal today will surely blow your mind away. There exist a village Umoja, a village in the grasslands of Samburu, in northern Kenya, surrounded by a fence of thorns where men are banned but even then the women get pregnant.

The village was founded in 1990 by a group of 15 women who were survivors of rape by local British soldiers. Umoja’s population has now expanded to include any women escaping child marriage, FGM (female genital mutilation), domestic violence and rape – all of which are cultural norms among the Samburu. There are currently 47 women and 200 children in Umoja.

As we all know without having sex a woman can’t get pregnant. But then how the women of Umoja village get pregnant. Umoja has an untold mystery wrapped in it. Today we will unwrap it and this is really, really very shocking!

It is believed that if a man gets physical or undergo a sexual intercourse with a woman of Umoja, he dies for sure. It is said that a saint cursed the village that no man of this can ever become a father and can’t even live there. While men are not allowed to live in Umoja, the women are free to date and have relationships. They go outside the village in the night to make physical relationships with men and return in the morning.

Children that are born are raised by their mothers only. Sometimes children never know that who their fathers are? The main source of income in this village is jewelry making. The village values education and with funds from their jewelry business, the women of Umoja built a school open to all children in the area including those living in the patriarchal villages.

Umoja is the result of brave women deciding they deserved better and creating a space to have better lives for themselves and their children.

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