Arat Hosseini
Arat Hosseini

We often heard of people who have 6 pack abs, and it is certainly a very common thing to see. Although whenever we see them, it makes us say wow every time. We have often seen many bodybuilders and celebs having this kind of body type. But if we introduce you to 6 years old with 6 packs. Won’t it be surprising?.

A six-year-old Iranian boy named Arat Hosseini who trained from a very young age is here to make you amazed. So far this boy has 4.1 million followers, and he has a place at Liverpool FC Academy. His spectacular muscled physique is due to his football and gymnastics skills. His toned biceps and six-packs is too rare to see. The boy mastered numerous complicated athletic feats and gymnastic poses. This young lad has spoken of his dream to become an Olympic champion and to play for Spanish super-club Barcelona FC.

These photos of Arat Hosseini will surely make you say wow!

About Arat

Let us tell you that this young little boy has been trained by his father since he was 9 months old. Arat started gymnastics at nine months old. His videos first started fetching attention when he was seen scaling walls at home at age 3 and 4. Which was shared by his father. Later on, after his father figured out his son’s talent he kept on sharing his spectacular videos. Which is worth watching. Earlier A clip of him playing football went viral, and many viewers had mistaken Arat for a girl. Check out the videos that will completely leave you speechless.

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