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Trending Unbelievable Transformation of Homeless Drug Addict After He Reunites With Childhood Friend

Unbelievable Transformation of Homeless Drug Addict After He Reunites With Childhood Friend

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Today we will let you meet Patrick Hinga from Kenya and will tell you how he came in news and suddenly became a star from no one. Patrick was a completely lost, homeless and addicted person until he meets with his former classmate or childhood friend, Wanja Mwaura.

She completely transformed his life that he never ever imagined. It is a story of becoming a businessman from a Thug. A real story of a rag who became rich. Patrick Hinga became a drug addict since childhood and it eventually resulted in his expulsion from school.

This destroyed his life and led him to depressed further left him addicted more and homeless. His mother, Nancy Hinga, tried to help him several times by bringing him food to the street. She remembers “I was known as the madman’s mother.”

He was living a miserable life, then on one fine day, he met his former pal Wanja, while lying down in a small corner of the street that became Patrick’s house. Wanja was a genuine friend, like other he didn’t ignore Patrick and instead she started talking to him. She encouraged him that he had to restart his life. Wanja took him to a rehabilitation centre quickly.

She also sought support and donations on the social media for Patrick’s treatment. Wanja was so helpful to him that she even helped him in setting his own business. It was a shop called Hinga’s Store. Gradually, he overcame drug addiction and his transformation shocked everyone. Patrick said,

“I feel like a new man. I pray daily and ask God to help me not to return to the world of drugs.”

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