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High Life Unbelievably Delicious Recipes You Can Make From Leftover Rotis

Unbelievably Delicious Recipes You Can Make From Leftover Rotis

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Ever heard your Mom complaining and scolding because you left out on an extra chapatti she cooked? And the rant begins “Aaj kal ke bachon ka khane ki koi kadar nahi hai, ek din roti nahi bhi mili toh kya? Pizza order karlenge! Khud banaoge tab pata chalega!” Happens with me everynight! And this thing brings me this post about unbelievably delicious recipes you can make from Leftover Rotis! Moms! Next time theres a leftover chapatti We’ll make you one of these..

Kotthu Parotta


Kotthu Parotta is a wonderful and lipsmacking dish originated in Southern India. Being super yummy it is very healhy and efficient way to restore taste to leftover chapattis. Try the recipe right here.

Masala Roti


Masala roti can also be thought of as a Desi Pizza version. It can serve as the best evening snack for when you just need something to munch on with a cuppa hot tea or coffee. Here’s how to make it.

Chapati Noodles


Chapatti Noodles as weird as it may sound at first, it is a great dish to try and is very easy to prepare. You can have these Yummy chapatti noodles anytime of the day from your leftover rotis or even pack it for lunch!

Chapati upma


An innovative Upma dish that is made from leftover chapattis. A brilliantly healthy breakfast dish and really easy to make.

Chapati Rolls


Another delectable breakfast recipe which takes no time to prepare. You can choose your own favorite stuffing. It can be any cooked vegetable like spicy potatoes or if you’re more of health conscious choose a stuffing made of sprouts and corns. check out the recipe.

Roti Porridge


For those who love to have something sweet in the morning, we have a perfect treat for you. Turn your everyday Daliya breakfast into this yummy new Roti Porridge(Daliya). How? Find it out here.

Chicken Chapati Burrito


A dish with mexican origin, Burrito can be best made by using homemade leftover Chapatis. All you have to do is layer your roti with ingredients of your liking such as cheese, sauces, veggies or even cooked minced chicken or meat, and grill it in the microwave until done!

Roti chips


Watching a movie at home with these spicy roti Chips on the table can make your evening a bliss. After all who doesn’t love some spicy crispy chips with a tangy yougurt dip? Find the recipe here.

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