Uncensored by Shabana Azmi


For a long time the censor board has been under scrutiny, be it by the film makers or the common public in one way or the other many have criticised the working of the censor board in their approval and disapproval of certain films.

But now veteran actress Shabana Azmi has cleared the air in how the board works and why it does so. The wife of legendary lyricist Javed Akhtar has started from the basics by saying that the name of the board should be changed, instead of calling it the censor board it should be renamed to The modern film certification. She further went on to say that with the word censor brings an inherent duty to censor which is in itself a negative trait.

This came after the fact the upcoming film “Aligarh” which is based upon the issues of homosexuality and the true life events of Dr. Shrinivas Ramchandra Siras, the film received an “A” certificate from the board. The film which includes an stellar cast of Manoj Bajpai, Rajkumar Rao and Ashish Vidyarthi is something to watch out for.

Azmi went on to say that the board can have a broader approach towards movies given that the rules are to be changed, the cinematograph act of 1952 needs to be revised according to the change in the society and the thinking of the present movie goer. Another problem pointed out by Azmi is the influence the government has on the working of the censor board but with the appointment of a new committee which is headed by filmmaker Shyam Benegal to look into the working of the board it is a great and frankly a much needed change.

Given the facts in front of us be it a change in the name, or in the Act or in the total mind frame of the whole board only time will tell if this is a solid change or the same old story of false promises. Only time will tell.


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