Forensic Lab Starts Scrutiny of Sushant’s Ex-manager Disha Salian

As per the latest report Forensic Science Laboratory at Mumbai's Kalina has stated its inquiry in connection to Disha Salian's case.
High Life Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone!

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone!

Have you ever been scolded by anyone for consuming fast food? Maybe because that person thinks that what you are eating is unhealthy and can make you sick. There are many foods which belong to this category and are liked by youngsters but are hated by elders and you’ll be surprised to know that such foods categorize even outside fast food and junkies too. But are you sure that these foods are really unhealthy? Here’s a list of some common unhealthy foods that are actually healthy for everyone:

1. Dark Chocolate

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone

The most common and most favourite food of children and girls is dark chocolate. No dessert is a dessert for them until dark chocolate is included in it but it looks like that their parents really don’t like it when they consume too much dark chocolate. For their information, dark chocolate has the properties of reducing LDL which is a bad cholesterol and is also helpful in decreasing blood pressure and blood clots. These facts are even proved in a scientific study which happened in 2008.

2. Potatoes

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone

Potatoes are considered very unhealthy in Indian societies, especially fried potatoes but actually potatoes are a very good source of fiber, carbohydrates and includes many vitamins like vitamin C and vitamin B-6 which are actually a necessary for keeping the body regulated and functioning properly.

3. Egg Yolks

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone

Egg whites are considered good whereas egg yolks are equally hated because people think that they contain cholesterol which is really very bad for their hearts. Now such people should definitely know that egg yolks contain good cholesterol, not bad cholesterol which is actually good for their hearts. Moreover, along with good cholesterol, egg yolks contain protein, unsaturated fats and vitamin D which are actually a reason good enough to eat them.

4. Pizza

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone

Pizza is the thing which has just spoiled this whole generation and is also very expensive, eating pizzas is actually just a time waste and nothing else. Do you also think the same way? If yes then here we want to tell you that pizzas also contain a good load of nutrients which are actually good for anyone. Moreover, the cheese which a right pizza contains is a low-fat mozzarella cheese which is a very good source of protein. All those nutrients and protein make pizza a good and healthy diet to eat.

5. Alcohol

Unhealthy Foods That Are Actually Healthy For Everyone

You might have also heard your parents saying that “Son, alcohol, liquor are very bad things, one should never ever have them,” but can’t they be wrong at that time? Moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of heart attack and many other cardiovascular diseases. Along with these, alcohol consumption is also proved good for a diabetes patient and can keep anyone’s mind sharp, in fact, a study in 2011 even proved that moderate alcohol drinkers are at a 23% less risk of mental diseases than the non-alcohol drinkers.

So now we think that with this above list of unhealthy foods which are actually healthy for everyone we have given a reason classified enough to start consuming these foods which are just known to be unhealthy.

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