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High Life Unimaginably Weird Ice Cream Flavours That Actually Exist

Unimaginably Weird Ice Cream Flavours That Actually Exist

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Oh Ice Creams! Blessed The person might be who invented Ice Cream. It is just the most amazing food Its sweet and cold and melts in your mouth.. mmmm.. Heavenly! How acan you not love something so utterly delicious and also there are so many different flavours and ways to have it. You can have it in milkshakes, with soda, add fruits to it, have it a cone, a cup a sundae just about anything.. The best part is of course the variety of flavours! From basic vanilla to bubblegum they’re all just yummm! But wait the inventions of flavours didn’t end here.. So we have some of the most Unimaginably weird Ice Cream flavours that actually exist..

1. Bacon Ice Cream


An American cook and baker David Lebovitz invented the flavour for the love of bacon. He candied the meaty bacon strips in brown sugar and blended it with cinnamon, vanilla and splash of dark rum.

2. Crocodile Egg Ice Cream 


This bizzare flavoured ice cream was introduced in philippines in Davo CIty at the sweet spot Artisan Ice Cream. According to the owner the ice cream is made from real croc eggs so is nutritious and very popular among the crowd.

3. Breast Milk Ice Cream

epa02608102 (FILE) A file picture dated 25 February 2011 shows 'Baby Gaga' ice cream made from breast milk on sale at the 'Icecreamists' in London, Britain. Media reports state that local government officials have confiscated ice cream made with human breast milk from a London shop amid concerns the dessert is allegedly unsafe. Reports further state that the ice cream, marketed as 'Baby Gaga' and launched last week, is being tested with the full cooperation of The Icecreamists, the parlor marketing the dessert.  EPA/CORDULA DONHAUSER FILE

A Shop in Lodon called the Icecreamists created quite a stir introducing this ice cream made from Breast milk and is called Baby Gaga.

4. Coronation Chicken Ice Cream


The founder and chef of Italian Gelato Emporium gelupo in London, Jacob Kenedy created a coronation chicken flavoured ice cream for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

5. Octopus Ice Cream


No one can beat the Japanese even when it comes to ice cream flavours. They earlier came up with wasabi and cactus flavours but still not content they created octopus flavoured ice cream called Taco Aisu.

6. Garlic Ice Cream


This Garlic flavoured treat is for those who love the little pungent buds but still it can be avoided on a first date.

7. Cheeseburger Ice Cream


An ice cream parlour in venezuela named Hiladeria Coromoto introduced a cheeseburger ice cream with flavours of cheese, burger meat and french fries with some secret ingredients.

8. Spaghetti and cheese Ice Cream


It is quite similar to the indian version of Faaluda Ice cream with pieces of spaghetti and flavour cheese but surely you won’t get a sauce with it.

9. Lobster Ice Cream


A Chocolate emporium named Ben & Bill’s in Bar Harbour, Maine makes the Lobster Ice Cream.

10. Viagra Flavoured Ice Cream


A British ice cream maker named Harry Francis created a viagra Flavoured ice cream. Wonder how many times he must’ve tasted viagra himself to bring out the flavour or who knows what viagra really tastes like? Something to think about!

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