Entertainment 7 Mind-Blowing Unknown Stories of How These Bollywood Stars Were Discovered Accidentally

7 Mind-Blowing Unknown Stories of How These Bollywood Stars Were Discovered Accidentally

This is strange how luck favors you any place anytime! Well, we all know that talent is not all it takes to get to the top! It sometimes your luck that makes you come out with flying colors. These stars were few of the lucky ones, know their unknown stories of becoming actors accidentally.

1) Ileana D’Cruz

The Rustom actress was discovered by the help of her mother’s hotel manager. He suggested that Ileana had a beautiful smile and could be a model. He then fixed a meeting with Marc Robinson and then the rest happened.

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2) Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi Kumar was a martial arts teacher in Mumbai! His student who was a photographer suggested that he get into the modeling industry and today he is one of the highest paid actors of the industry.

3) Kangana Ranaut

The girl from Himachal Pradesh and the three-time National Award Winner. Her story is very unusual, she was spotted in a coffee shop by Anurag Basu who made her audition for Gangster. And then it all happened!

4) Bipasha Basu

Arjun Rampal’s wife Mehr Jessia spotted Bipasha Basu at a hotel in Kolkata and suggested that she enter modeling industry and from here her journey being an actress begun.

Bipasha Basu

5) Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is one of the highly educated celebrities in Bollywood with a degree in English honors and criminal psychology. A director noticed her at her friend’s birthday party in 1996. She then gave auditions for advertisements and after a while, she was noticed by Shekhar Kapur.

6) Anushka Sharma

One of the highest paid actresses was spotted by the designer Wendell Rodricks during a fashion event at a jeans store in Bangalore. He then asked her to come to Bombay.

7) Madhuri Dixit

She was first noticed by a producer for her dancing skill! Her parents did not agree initially but later on, she was approached on more time and noticed by a friend who Barjatya about her.

Madhuri Dixit affair with indian cricketer

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