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Entertainment Unknown Story Of Drug Addiction Of Sanju Baba That You Must Read

Unknown Story Of Drug Addiction Of Sanju Baba That You Must Read

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As Ranbir Kapoor has said, Sanjay Dutt’s life is no less than a science-fiction. It is very difficult to believe the things that have happened in Sanjay’s life. The most talked-about part of Sanjay’s life is his drug addiction. Sanjay himself has said in a lot of interviews that he was too much intoxicated by drugs.

Sanjay Dutt’s biopic ‘Sanju’ has a lot of focus on this part of his life, but there are many stories of his drug-addiction that you will get to hear. Let us tell you the stories of Sanjay Dutt’s drug addiction-

Buddies who helped him taking drugs on the shoot

sanjay dutt drug addiction story

Sanjay Dutt used to take drugs before his debut in Bollywood, this thing was no more secret to anyone. Due to which he used to get late on sets and this affected the work of films. There was a time when Sunil Dutt, Sanjay’s father, used to inform the directors before the film about Sanjay’s addiction. But the audience loved Sanju, so many producers used to arrange drugs for him on the sets. So that the film could be completed on time.

Pushing Namrata Dutt

sanjay dutt drug addiction story

Sanjay Dutt has said in many interviews that intoxication not only spoils your life but also hurts your close ones. Once Sanju was severely drunk, his sister Namrata Dutt came to scold him. Angry Sanju pushes Namrata and she gets fractured.

Sleep For two days continuously

sanjay dutt drug addiction story

Sanjay Dutt had a habit to take drugs in his house. That time he used to lock the door of his room from inside. One day when he woke up, he was very hungry and he called his servant and asked for food immediately. His servant kept standing there and crying and Sanju asked for his reason. The servant told Sanju that he woke up after two whole days.

Used every drug

list of drugs taken by sanjay dutt

When Sanjay Dutt decided that he wanted to quit drugs, he took the help of his father Sunil Dutt. He sent Sanju to a rehabilitation center in Texas, USA. There Sanju was given a form, in which he had to tick the drug that he has tried. Sanju started ticking that form and upon seeing that, he had ticked in front of every drug. The doctor was surprised to see this and told Sunil Dutt that Sanju is alive even after taking so many varieties of drugs, this is a magic in itself. Then he said Indians eat very heavy food, that’s why Sanju survived.

‘Sadak ki Maharani’

Sadak ki Maharani

This is the funniest story of all the stories of Sanju. During the time of Drug addiction, Sanju used to visit his chawls in Mumbai often to buy his drugs. There he met a Shemale behaving strangely. During the film ‘Sadak’, Sanju told Mahesh Bhatt about this character and Bhatt decided that he would model the villain ‘Sadak ki Maharani’ according to that gay. Sadashiv Amrapurkar, who played the role of ‘Maharani’, received many accolades for his performance and was also given the ‘Filmfare‘ award for this role.

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