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Unlucky Lottery Winners Who Won Big but Lost Bigger

Unlucky Lottery Winners Who Won Big but Lost Bigger


The lottery games are popular all across the globe as they are seen as a shortcut to riches for those who are lucky enough to buy the right ticket number at the right time. Even the Indian market has grown a lot in the past few years and there is a wide range of lottery India websites where you can try your luck today.

Most people believethat winning a lottery guarantees a happy life. However, that’s not true for everyone. The following are stories of a few unlucky lottery winners whose lives took a turn for the worse after they won more money than they could imagine:

Winning a Lottery Only to Lose Life

There have been lottery winners who managed their finances like professionals and lived a prosperous life, and then there are those whose wealth attracted the evil in this world and became a cause of their death. It’s unfortunate that Jeffrey Dampier Jr. was counted in the latter.

When Dampier won $20 million from the Illinois lottery in 1996, his happiness knew no bounds. He moved to Tampa Bay with his wife and parents to start a new life and set up a new business that turned out to be quite a success.

Dampier was quite generous with his money and shared it with his loved ones, including his sister-in-law and her boyfriend. Sadly, his generosity wasn’t enough for them. Consumed by greed, they devised a plan to kill him. The sister-in-law Victoria called him to her apartment where she and her boyfriend tied him up, took his money, and then killed him with a shotgun. Although they were arrested afterward and awarded life sentence, it could hardly alleviate the everlasting pain that his death had left in his family.

The Millionaire Who Died Broke

There are many millionaires who have done utterly bizarre things to catch the attention of the people. However, the story of Pennsylvania-based William Post III is like no other.

It was the year 1988 when William Post III was completely broke. In his last desperate attempt, he pawned his belongings for $40 and spent all the money on lottery tickets. To his surprise, he won a whopping $16.2 million from the Pennsylvania lottery. However, he failed to act responsibly and splurged the money without a second thought. By the end of the year, he was $500,000 in debt.

Post’s problems were far from over even after he was burdened by massive debt. His girlfriend filed a lawsuit against him claiming that they had agreed to split the lottery money before he won. Since he was in no condition to pay a settlement amount or share the winnings (he had no money to share), his lottery payments were frozen. As if this wasn’t enough, he was later arrested for firing a shotgun at a person who was demanding money from him. His own brother appointed a “gun for hire” to mow him down along with his wife so that he could inherit his money.

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Post’s life was riddled with sadness and agony since the day he won the lottery. After battling all kinds of problems for several years, he died alone with not a single penny to his name.

What Goes Around Comes Around

The psychological effects of money in a relationship are known to almost everyone. We know that when money gets the better of someone, then it can ruin their life. That’s exactly what happened to Denise Rossi who won a lottery in 1996. 

Thomas Rossi was married to Denise Rossi whom he loved dearly. Having spent more than 25 years of married life with her, he never doubted their love. So, it came as an utter shock to him when one day, out of the blue she told him that she wants a divorce. What she didn’t tell him was that just 11 days earlier i.e. on December 28, 1996, she had won $1.3 million in the California lottery. However, before any damage was done, Thomas discovered the truth and sued her. Superior Court Judge Richard Denner found her guilty of fraud and malice and awarded him all of her lottery winnings.

These real stories about real people only go to show that it’s important to not let money go to your head. You also needn’t engage in activities that draw unwanted attention if and when you earn a fortune. Otherwise, lottery games don’t need to get a bad rep and they can be enjoyed by anyone who wants some thrill and adventure in their life.

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