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Entertainment 10 Indian Things You Need to Watch on The Internet Right Now...

10 Indian Things You Need to Watch on The Internet Right Now That Are Totally Unsansakari

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We are Indians and we are Sanskari! Oh yeah right that’s why we are at number 2 when it comes to world’s total population. We don’t talk about sex with our children but push them to the Suhaagrat room on the wedding night. In actual words, we are not Sansakari but we are people with double standards. But, in case you were in the mood to dump the Sanskaari education and actually know, enjoy and understand the Unsanskaari things, watch these not so Sansakari things on the internet.

1) Lust Stories

A web-series on the internet that explores desire from a female’s perspective. From vibrators to orgasms, the movie showed everything on screen. The masturbation scene of the series is already making headlines.

2) Unfreedom

The film is based on homosexual relations. This movie is banned by the censor board due to its explicit lovemaking scenes. But it is easily available on the YouTube.

3) The Painted House – Chaayam Poosiya Veedu

The film narrates the things that happen when a lonely old writer meets a seductive young woman and a mysterious man. It showcased female nudity on screen – something that got the movie banned by CBFC.

4) The Pink Mirror (Gulaabi Aaina)

This film was a brave foray into the life of transsexuals, but CBFC could not handle the blunt and much-needed portrayal of transsexuality and decided to ban it.

5) Khujli

The film brought actors, Jackie Shroff and Neena Gupta together for the first time as an aging, though far from fading, couple trying out new sex positions for the first time in their long years of marriage.

6) Brahman Naman

The sexual repression portrayed in the movie is a very realistic scenario that most people growing up in India may have experienced.

7) Lipstick Under My Burkha

The film narrates the story of four secret lives and four fantasies of different women of India who are trying to find themselves under the shades of Burkha, despite the age and family issues.

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8)  Parched

Four women in Gujarat talk about men, sex and life as they struggle with their individual demons.

9) Angry Indian Goddesses

The film showcases numerous issues faced by residents of the country such as gender inequality, women as objectified sex objects, gay-straight friendships, big business vs. tribal rights, rape problem, caste differences, skin-color prejudice and lax justice.

10) Kamla Ki Maut

Released in 1989, this movie was far ahead of its time since it dealt with issues like pre-marital sex and unwanted pregnancy.

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