Unusual Ways To Use The Iron Not Everyone Thought Of

Who says that iron is just used for ironing the clothes. If you think so then wait for a minute. We have shared incredible ways to use the iron, which will make you say wow and we are pretty sure that you gonna try them out.

1. Smoothing out dents on a wooden surface

If the surface of wooden furniture has worn out over the years and dents have appeared on it, then it is necessary to iron these places with iron through a cloth or paper towel using steam. The dents will disappear completely because when heated with steam, the wood swells slightly and rises. This method will get rid of dents even on a wooden floor.

unusual ways to use iron

2. Remove wax stains from fabric

Candles often leave marks on tablecloths, carpets, and tables. In this case, ironing is also suitable. Lay a paper towel over the stain n, iron it, remove the paper, and wipe the area with the cleanser and towel. This method will help get rid of traces of chewing gum on the fabric.

unusual ways to use iron

3. Cook eggs and bacon

You can prepare a full breakfast thanks to the hot surface of the iron, which can easily replace the stove. Take eggs and foil. Make an impromptu frying pan out of foil by folding the edges. Break the eggs directly into the pan, place it on the surface of the iron heated to the maximum, and wait for the breakfast to be cooked. In addition to eggs, you can also cook bacon. Lay it on the foil and roll it up so that the edges are wrapped and the fat does not leak out. Place the hot iron on top.

unusual ways to use iron

4. Remove old wallpaper from the wall

Whenever you want to change the old wallpaper, then you may find that it will be difficult to tear them off, parts of the old canvases will remain on the walls and you will have to scrape them off. But iron can come to the rescue. Move the hot iron over the wallpaper so that there is a small distance between the wallpaper and the surface of the iron. Use steam. Heat and moisture will soften the adhesive and the wallpaper can be easily removed.

unusual ways to use iron

5. Reheating dinner without a microwave or Stove

When there is no microwave at hand, but you need to heat up food, a hairdryer and iron will come to the rescue. Preheat the iron, and lay the foil on its surface so as not to smear it. Place a piece to be heated on the foil, and direct a stream of hot air from a hairdryer from above. Iron is heated from below, and a hairdryer is heated from above.

unusual ways to use iron

6. Remove stains from the carpet

Stains on the carpet are not a problem if you have a cleaning agent. You can get rid of large and old stains even on fluffy surfaces. First of all, you need to sprinkle the stain with a cleaner, moisten the place and put a towel on top. If the stain is large and the towel is small, you can simply move it around to treat the entire stain. We put a heated iron on the prepared place for a few seconds and observe how the stain from the carpet passes to the towel. But you need to have patience as it will take some time and repeated attempts to remove all the stains.

unusual ways to use iron

7. vbSeal a plastic bag with iron

Using a hot iron, you can seal a bag with any filling to protect the contents from dirt, insects, etc. You can also seal a broken bag. Our mothers and grandmothers actively used this method. Under the foil, the edges of the bag will melt and stick together. When the foil has cooled, you can remove it.

unusual ways to use iron

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