India WTF! UP Cop Who Shouted 'Thain Thain' During Encounter to Win Bravery...

WTF! UP Cop Who Shouted ‘Thain Thain’ During Encounter to Win Bravery Award?

A video went viral on the internet in no time recently featuring UP cops. It was an encounter video and the thing that made it funny was the cop shouted ‘Thain Thain’ when his gun got choked or jammed. The bizarre incident happened last week when the cops were chasing a wanted criminal named Rukhsar. It came to light after a video of the police officer shouting ‘thain, thain’ shot by another cop went viral.
Undoubtedly, at that time and case, it was their creativity that made criminals afraid of them, but was it an act of bravery? The UP Police definitely think so. That’s why the Uttar Pradesh Police has decided to honor Sambhal sub-inspector Manoj Kumar who shouted “thain thain” after his pistol got jammed. The incident is considered as an exemplary “act of bravery” by the UP police and Kumar’s name has been sent for a commendation disc and certificate from the director general of UP police.

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