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UPSC: Unknown Facts About This Year’s Top 4

Women power taking the centre stage, all top 4 ranks of India’s most coveted exam have been taken by females.

Here are some unknown facts about the candidates:
1. Ira Singhal – Rank 1

-She is physically handicapped.
-This is the 4th time she passed UPSC Exam.
-She Is Currently Working As Assistant Commissioner [IRS].
-She Read Only 5 Hour In A Day.
-Ira Topped The Exam In General Category Despite Being Physically Handicapped.
-She is 4.5 feet tall.
-She has good control over spanish.

2. Renu Raj – Rank 2


-This was her first attempt.
-She is a doctor by profession.
-She is currently working as a medical officer.
-She is married to Bhagath LS on 23rd May 2013.

3. Nidhi Gupta – Rank 3

-She is currently working as an Indian Revenue Service officer.
-She wants to work on women empowerment.
-She wants to get posted to Haryana.

4. Vandana Rao – Rank 4

-She has lead the list in Other Backward Classes (OBC).
-She graduated in 2012.
-This was her third attempt.

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