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Urvashi Rautela Puts The Blame Of ‘Parasite’ tweet Pagrism On Her Social Media Team

Due to the lockdown in the country, celebrities are staying in their homes and keeping themselves busy. Meanwhile, we have seen many celebrities cooking, while some to wipe dishes and brooms. But Urvashi Rautela did something that she got trolled on social media. In the lockdown, Urvashi watched the Oscar-winning film Parasite and then made a tweet, but the tweet came out copy-pasted and the actress was trolled.

Now Urvashi Rautela has given clarification in this matter. Urvashi has put the blame on her social media team. Explaining this Urvashi spokesperson said- ‘As the spokesperson of Urvashi Rautela, I want to make it clear that the tweet about Parasite film was not written by Urvashi. This was done by his social media team. Urvashi was not even aware of this. As soon as we came to know about this, we rectified our mistake. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Social media users are trolling Urvashi Rautela for this tweet. They are sharing a screenshot of a person named JP in which JP has written exactly the same before Urvashi’s tweet. Urvashi did not respond, but JP has retweeted that tweet and said at least she would have corrected the grammar.

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