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News Breakthrough In US Election Hacking Case As Russian Programmer Arrested In Spain

Breakthrough In US Election Hacking Case As Russian Programmer Arrested In Spain

On Sunday, a spokesperson for the Russian embassy in Madrid said that a Russian computer programmer, Pyotr Levashov, has been arrested in the Spanish city of Barcelona. Spanish police arrested him on Friday on foot of an international arrest warrant lodged by US authorities over suspicion of being involved in the hacking attacks linked to Moscow’s alleged interference in the United States presidential elections.

According to the Reuters, Peter Carr, a spokesman for the U.S. Justice Department’s criminal division, said: “The U.S. case remains under seal, so we have no information to provide at this time.”

Russian Programmer Arrested In Spain
Source: The Financial Express

In January, Lisov, another Russian computer programmer was arrested by the Spanish Police who was wanted by the United States for leading a financial fraud network. The U.S. Congress is also examining links between Russia and Trump during the election campaign.

Russian officials, including President Vladimir Putin, have repeatedly denied that Russia tried to influence the election. According to the Yahoo News, Spanish Police had informed Levashov’s wife Maria that he was being held over a computer virus linked to Donald Trump’s victory in the US elections.

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