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US Woman Turns 110 Years Old Tree Into a Library, Photo Gets Viral on Social Media




Every person in this world is creative, need is to recognize that talent. Sharalee Armitage Howard a US woman who lives in Idaho, US, has done something which is now grabbing attention on social media. The 42 years old turned a 110 years old dead cottonwood tree into a library. Yes, you read it right!

A librarian, artist and former bookbinder by profession, she decided to turn large stump of a 110-year-old cottonwood tree into something usable. It took her a few months to make a library out of the stump of a cottonwood tree. Sharalee gives free books to the people from her library. She posted a photo of it on the internet and it is now getting viral.

Sheralee Howard is an artist who lives in Coeur d’Alene. When a large tree needed to be cut down from her front large, she preserved a rather large stump. Rather than having it removed, she turned it into CdA’s latest Little Free Library. She poses for a photograph on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2019. Kathy Plonka/THE SPOKESMAN-REVIEW

The stump was carved out from the inside, topped with a roof and installed with a lighting interior and coloured exterior lighting which gives a fairytale look. Here are some of the reactions of the netizens on this beautiful library.


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