High Life Travel Lured By India ? Here Are Some Useful Tips For Women...

Lured By India ? Here Are Some Useful Tips For Women Travelling In India

Chaotic, Fooling, Exquisite, Intoxicating, Crazy, Exasperating, Wonderful, Squalid, Beautiful, Unsettling, Overwhelming, and Fantastic. India is all of these things, and much more. How can you possibly prepare yourself for a trip to India and especially if you are a women ? A thought on travelling to India can be aching all thanks to the around 1.5 Billion population which is still growing. India is vast in all aspects, whether population to diversification, culture to religion. Everything packed in one. This makes India a very popular travelling destination all over the globe but a hassling one too. So if you are a women and planning to visit India for travelling or vacating, here we bring you some helpful tips for women travelling in India.

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Travel enthusiast and blogger Mariellen Ward jolted down some tips for  women travelling in India from her 2 years of travelling experience in India, over the past 11 years of which most of them were solo.


Do Your Research :

Going to India is just not the same as going to the Caribbean, Greece or even Thailand. It is massive, diverse, traditional, ancient … and it can be an overwhelming travel destination. Knowing as much as you can about the culture can help prepare you.

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For example, many tourists go to Rajasthan, but that doesn’t mean the desert state is westernized. Far from it — Rajasthan is one of the more traditional states in India. Wearing a tank top and shorts is just not appropriate in Rajasthan and can invite unwanted attention. On the other hand, in certain parts of Mumbai, like Colaba and Bandra, wearing revealing western clothing is much more acceptable.

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