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Actress Got Married After Going Against Her Parents, Now Living All Alone




In our country we still parent’s permission to get married. Arrange marriages are still a common scenario. But with the change in time, there are people who don’t like their parent’s interference in their personal matters. Many of them go against their parent’s will to marry a person of their choice. But not everyone comes out successful in it and repents later.

Today we will tell you about an actress of one such kind. She is divorced today and spending her life alone. Her name is Vaishnavi Dhanraj. She was born on August 30, 1988, in Nagpur.

She married actor Nitin Sehrawat in 2012. Her parents were against this marriage. But she went against them to marry Nitin.

After spending 4 years together, in the year 2016, the couple got divorced sadly due to personal issues. She accused Nitin of domestic violence. Vaishnavi started her career in 2008 with serial Karam Apna Apna. She has worked in more than 17 serials in her career. Currently, she is not having any work and she is living her life alone.