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Valentine Special: Why Pakistan Lacks Love?

Valentine Special: Why Pakistan Lacks Love?


Islamabad High Court ruled the Valentine’s Day as “un-Islamic”. In simple words, Pakistan has  banned Valentine’s Day celebrations across the country. Moreover, Pakistan’s Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) imposed guidelines to its TV and radio licenses to remind them of the ban.

Valentine Special: Why Pakistan Lacks Love?

PEMRA issued a statement: “Respondents are directed to ensure that nothing about the celebrations of Valentine’s Day and its promotion is spread on the Electronic and Print media. No event shall be held on an official level and at any public place.”

“PEMRA is directed to ensure that all the TV channels shall stop the promotion of Valentine’s Day forthwith.”

“According to the court of Pakistan, Valentine’s Day was spreading “immorality, nudity and indecency” in the society.”

Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussain had further warned citizens, not to celebrate Valentine’s Day as it was “not a part of Muslim tradition, but of the West.”

Some Twitter users expressed their anger against the ban while some supported it:

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