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High Life Valentine's Day 2020: Know The True Meaning of Roses of different Colors...

Valentine’s Day 2020: Know The True Meaning of Roses of different Colors Before Giving Them To Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s Week begins from 7th February, which is ‘Rose Day’. We consider this day special because the couple expresses their feelings by giving each other a rose flower. In such a situation, if you want to give roses according to your feelings, then know the meaning of different colors.

Valentine's Day 2020

Red rose: This is generally the most popular among young couples. We consider the red rose a symbol of love, but the red rose also signifies sentimentality, longing, and depth of love. So it is best to express your love.

Valentine's Day 2020

Pink Rose: Pink rose is for praising and appreciation. This rose shows grace and belonging. It is also given to express happiness. 

Valentine's Day 2020

Yellow Rose: We consider Yellow rose to be the color of friendship. It shows harmony, happiness, belonging, and truth. So if you want to start a friendship with someone, gift them a yellow rose. 

Valentine's Day 2020

White Rose: We consider White rose as a symbol of purity, peace, and unity. At the same time, it signifies eternal and pure love. In such a situation, if you want to maintain your relationship for a long time, then gift a white rose flower to the partner, hence white flower is the most used in weddings. 

Valentine's Day 2020

Orange Rose: This rose color signifies passion and gratitude. It reflects desire and enthusiasm. You can give an orange rose to your lover as a symbol to bring passion and enthusiasm in your love.

Valentine's Day 2020

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