High Life This Unique Thing About Veerappan Made This Girl Crazy, Never Heard Love...

This Unique Thing About Veerappan Made This Girl Crazy, Never Heard Love of Notorious Indian Brigand And Dacoit

Even after charged with 184 cases, the police and the army took more than 30 years to catch infamous smuggler Veerappan. Police of 3 states was after him. More than 20 crore rupees were spent to catch Veerappan. These facts about him are known to many of you out there but did you know he too had a love story?

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Yes, he fell in love with a 16-year-old girl. The girl’s name was Muthulakshmi who belonged to a lower section of the society, a dominant farming family. Veerappan saw Muthulakshmi in the year 1989 while she was carrying water from Kaveri in a Matka. At first sight, Veerappan fell in love with her. After some time, Veerappan had told Muktulakshmi during their meet that,

“I never wanted to marry, but after seeing you I changed my decision.”

While proposing to Muthulakshmi for marriage, Veerappan said,

“If you will refuse me, I won’t get married to anyone.”

After this Muthulakshmi and Veerappan married in 1990. After marriage, she lived with Veerappan, in the forests of the border areas Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. The police deliberately booked her for various crimes and murders carried out by Veerappan’s gang.

The police also charged that Veerappan gave Muthulakshmi a large amount of money after he reportedly received ransom money for his role in Kannada actor Rajkumar’s kidnapping. Veerappan has two daughters Vidya Rani (born on 1990) and Prabha (born on 1993). They are studying engineering in Tamil Nadu. Veerappan’s wife reportedly married him because of his “notoriety and moustache.” 

In 2004, Veerappan, the sandalwood smuggler was killed by Special Task Force police in 2004. Today his wife Muthulakshmi lives in Salem, Tamil Nadu, India. She is a social worker and helps people and those who were affected by law enforcement agencies for helping Veerappan.

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