High Life Health Vegan Protein Vs Meat Protein: Which Is Better For Your Heart?

Vegan Protein Vs Meat Protein: Which Is Better For Your Heart?

According to a study conducted by Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center, meat protein is unhealthy and can increase the risk of heart disease while vegan protein is beneficial for the human heart. (Note: Vegan Protein here is the protein we get from nuts and seeds).

Vegan Protein Vs Meat Protein

  1. People who eat large amounts of meat protein experienced a 60-percent increase in cardiovascular disease (CVD).
  2. People who consumed protein from nuts and seeds experienced a 40-percent reduction in CVD.
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Gary Fraser, the co-principal investigator said: “While dietary fats are part of the story in affecting the risk of cardiovascular disease, proteins may also have important and largely overlooked independent effects on risk. This new evidence suggests that the full picture probably also involves the biological effects of proteins in these foods.”

Vegan Protein Vs Meat Protein

“This research is suggesting there is more heterogeneity than just the binary categorization of plant protein or animal protein.”

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