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Trending Video of a Man Cruelly Beating a Dog For Not Writing ABCD...

Video of a Man Cruelly Beating a Dog For Not Writing ABCD is The Disgusting Thing on The Internet Today

Sometimes a human really ends the difference between an animal and him and the result is disgusting. In the same scenario, a man goes too far and start forcing his pet to learn writing skills. The video of this creepy thing has gone viral where he can be seen forcing his dog to write ‘ABCD’ and continuously slapping it at its inability to do so.

Watch the video here:

The man can be seen slapping brutally the dog whenever the dog looks away. He is clutching the dog’s paws and dictating letters to it. Finally, the dog manages to free itself from the man’s grip. The other creepiest thing about the video is it was being circulated on Twitter and other social media platforms as a fodder for memes and under the banner of ‘funny videos’. The way the man is beating the mute animal is really horrifying and disturbing!


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