Ekta Kapoor is well known as a bold movie maker and on the digital platform too, she is creating shows that involve a lot of sensuality and sex appeal and some of them include XXX and Gandi Baat and the second season of the show is soon going to come up that will also have Stree actress Flora Saini. The show has a lot of sexual scenes in the show that will raise your eyebrows, one of which has gone viral.

Flora-Saini-And-Anveshi-Jains-Sex-Scene gandi baat download

The scene about which we are talking about is between Flora Saini and Anveshi Jain and it is the lesbian sex about which people have gone crazy.

Talking about how she shot the scene, she said, “My director Sachin Mohite made me so comfortable. He strictly made sure that the set is locked. No one can enter while we are shooting. All monitors were kept off except the one which was kept in the room we were shooting. He made sure that it was placed in such a way that nobody can stand peeche and watch.”

Further, she said, “Only girl crew was allowed on the set and the moment the scene got cut, they were also sent out. The USP of Gandii Baat is the subject is sensuality but you also have a story to it which has emotions. There are a lot of shows where they have shown scenes aesthetically but here we are showing and we are not showing also. And that’s the beauty. But I will tell you something. I don’t mind doing a nude scene also for Gandii Baat as the environment is such.”

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