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Watch Video Of Arvind Kejriwal Claiming PM Modi May Try To Have Him Killed

Two things have happened this week: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has announced he will travel to Rome to attend the ceremony granting sainthood to  Mother Teresa; and has declared that he is afraid that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may hatch a plot to kill him.
Really ?
It is often said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not a forgiving man. If you’re not with him, you’re against him. But physical violence and coercion ? Isn’t that a bit over the top?
The 47-year-old Chief Minister, whose gonzo attacks have included tagging the PM a “psychopath and a coward”, counters that Mr Modi has never recovered from being defeated by AAP in a campaign that he personally front-lined for the BJP.
The 10-minute video, titled “Arvind Kejriwal’s message to the common man”, has been posted on social media by his Aam Aadmi Party or AAP.  Mr Kejriwal’s reveal about his perceived threat to his life is made at the end.  “Things will get worse,” he says, “he can do anything, have me eliminated,” asking his party’s supporters and volunteers to prep for unrestrained persecution.
“Andar k log batate hain ki Modi Ji bilkul baukhlaye hue hain hum logo (AAP Ministers) k upar…bohot jyada gusse me hain..aur wo logically nahi soch rahe”.. – Says Kejriwal
The Chief Minister cites unnamed sources to allege that the PM is unnerved by praise of the Delhi government’s accomplishments and this triggers his decisions to dispatch central agencies like the CBI and tax officials to target AAP leaders.  He also says that Mr Modi’s foreign policy decisions have left India’s relations with neighbours Nepal and Pakistan placed vertiginously. “All this has left me sleepless,” he says, “is India safe?”

Here is the video :

Arvind Kejriwal should worry about governing Delhi rather than Narendra Modi. He is the Prime Minister of India..not a thug.

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