Video Of Elephant Beaten Mercilessly In Tamil Nadu Takes Over The Internet


It seems like humans are now forgetting their humanity and the latest video is proof of it. Recently a video from Tamil Nadu has gone viral in which two Mahouts are beating an elephant. Watch it out.

Recently a video from Tamil Nadu has gone viral. Which shows that Humans have forgotten their humanity. And the latest video is all about that. A video that has just been surfaced is from the camp at Thekkampatti. Where two Mahouts were seen beating the elephant mercilessly while tied to the tree. It is a 20-second clip where they both are hitting the elephant continuously while the elephant was heard trumpeting in pain. 

Let us tell you that the video was captured by a visitor who came to the camp. And soon after the clip went viral it became the major concern for wildlife activists. Infact one of the Mahouts also got suspended. The video comes from a camp that was organised for 48 days by Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments) Department. After the whole incident was investigated one of the Mahouts also said that the elephant was not obeying the command and therefore they hit her.

Checkout the video below:

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