A Supermodel Is ‘Mastermind’ Of Bollywood Drugs Nexus: Hints NCB

The Narcotics Control Bureau recently gave hints about the mastermind behind the drug nexus. They have pointed out an actor who used...
Videos Stuffing Our Hearts With Tears Of Pain-This Video Will Break You Down...

Stuffing Our Hearts With Tears Of Pain-This Video Will Break You Down Internally

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Are we, Civilised Society?

This video will make you think again. In the era of infinite progress, we almost achieved everything yet not been able to provide basic facilities to our Earthlings.

Food, drinking water, housing, medical assistance are still lacking for a certain population of society. The problem of Hunger which leads to malnutrition and starvation are swallowing up the little children.

In this video, two brothers named Ester and Sam(7-year-old) were starving to death due to hunger, both of them were lying on the ground motionless like a dummy. Legs were tiny, shriveled arms and both were Polio affected.

They were left abandoned by society, by so-called Human species, beneath the blue sky as the whole universe was watching their plight condition. Then came Jane(8-years-old) girl the sister of these two Angels, a not so big girl walked miles to collect some water for her incomplete family.

Her love for the siblings bring tears to eyes, all three were facing life and death situation, when the reporters gave a package of cookies and the little sister offered it to her brothers. Their small bites make us felt that how ignorant and selfish we are towards our society, it is a shame.

Time has come, we all have to take a stand

To transform our society in a prosperous way

Lets rebuild our planet again full of love,empathy and compassion

#Rebuild Ourselves

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