There will be a wrath which will hit humanity hard for all the atrocities and wrong-doings it has been doing and I am sure that day is not far at all. Though humans are the most intelligent among all the animals in the planet, yet it doesn’t make it a fact that we are the centre of the universe and other beings are just a piece of cheap entertainment for us.

Take a look at this zoo in Indonesia and you will be shamed to even call yourself a human.

indonesia zoo bear begging for food video

The sight that greets the eye will make your heart cringe as gaunt Sun Bears come up to the fence, begging at the onlookers for food. The Scorpion Wildlife Trade Monitoring Group released footage of emancipated bears in the zoo running up to onlookers, rushing at any piece of edible item that’s thrown their way.

Marison Guciano, a senior investigator with Scorpion Investigator told :

The bears are kept in a concrete cage and no grass. [There is] nothing natural, it is all very cruel, [It is] one of the worst zoos in all of Indonesia. Maybe it would be best if this place was closed down now, before more animals die a painful and avoidable death.

The video of the bear begging for food went viral, which led to a petition signed by 200,00 people in support of the zoo being shut down. Here’s the video :

Another video doing the rounds, is a sun bear who is seen eating its own faeces, due to lack of food.

indonesia zoo video of bear eating own faeces

There will definitely one day we’ll have to answer for all the cruelty we are doing over these poor wordless souls. That’s a great thing we are showing our younger generation !

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