Entertainment Video: Seeing Kareena Kapoor Work So Hard In The Gym Will Give...

Video: Seeing Kareena Kapoor Work So Hard In The Gym Will Give You Real Fitness Goals

The gorgeous Baby Momma, Kareena Kapoor is working too hard to get back in shape. Pregnancy is a beautiful experience but for famous celebrities, it is quite essential to get back to shape as soon as possible. These celebrities have movies and other advertisements to be featured on. So, they can’t wait and let the cellulite take over their body. She was indeed the first one to set the trend for Zero Figure. And now, she is trying her level best to get back in shape. Don’t believe us? Watch for yourself:

video source: Bollywood Tabloid

This video shows how hard she is trying to get back in shape and moreover, this video is giving us major fitness goals. If she can do this much effort just after few months of her giving birth, then why can’t we? Definitely, she has more resources than we do but for the people who are determined enough do not need excuses. A healthy body is what everybody needs to survive. The vessel (i.e our body) holding our soul needs to remain healthy to enjoy the perks of life. So, when are you gonna start working out?

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