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News Vidya Balan Reveals Once She Fought With a Man Who Was Masturbating...

Vidya Balan Reveals Once She Fought With a Man Who Was Masturbating at Her in Mumbai’s Local Train

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Celebrities are normal too so are their experiences. Such a weird experience is shared by The Dirty Picture actress Vidya Balan. Women who daily travels through public transports will surely relate to this experience of Vidya Balan somehow. Vidya Balan recently appeared on the latest episode of the podcast, #NoFilterNeha, hosted by Neha Dhupia. On the show, she revealed that she once had to fight a man who was masturbating at her in a local train in Mumbai.

The 38 years old actress said that the incident happened in the ladies compartment when she was travelling back from her college with her friends. While narrating her experience she said,

“I was in the ladies’ compartment coming back from Xavier’s where I studied. Three of us friends. We were just sitting and chatting and suddenly I saw this guy get in and sit on the opposite side. So I said yeh ladies hai and he said oh accha ladies hai. He said haan agle station pe utarta hu. Agle station pe he went towards the exit so we thought he got off. Once the train started he came in again and said oh main nahi utra, main agle station pe utarta hu.”

The actress said that she then had to abuse, beat and forcefully throw the man out of the train after he started masturbating. She said,

“He was sitting there by the window. And then I kept looking at him and it was very uncomfortable you know. You get a sense that something’s fishy. By then he pulled his zip down and he started you know masturbating, shagging right there! He flashed us and I had a writing pad or a file or something in my hand. I went and hit him aur maine maa behen ki gaali bhi di. Pushed him towards the exit and then literally pushed him out of the train. I was enraged!”

To let you know, not only Vidya Balan, the wife of Akshay Kumar Twinkle Khanna, too faced a similar experience in Mumbai. She shared her experience in 2015, she revealed during an event when a man was arrested for allegedly masturbating at an American woman in Colaba. She said she was 12 years old when during a school trip to Hanging gardens a man started masturbating. The 42 years old actress termed such men as mentally sick.

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