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This Big Bollywood Actress Used to Get Pregnant Every Week, Says I Was Helpless

She is a self-made Bollywood star and needs no introduction. From doing erotic scenes in the film to a well-cultured Indian woman, she plays every role to its fines. Yes, we are talking about the Bollywood actress Vidya Balan. Her recent release was Tumahari Sulu, this film didn’t break the records on box office but was appreciated by the critics and common people. Vidya played a role of a common house-wife woman in the film.

Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)
Source: India Today

Reaching such a position was never been easy for Vidya. She struggled a lot in her initial journey of becoming a star. Not only this, once a Malayalam director even called her ill-fated. Instead of this, Vidya never gave up and worked in a number of films, TV ads and serials.

Recently in an interview, Vidya told that she is not planning to become a mother yet. She said,

“I’m reaching towards 40, but want to live like a 20 years old girl. I don’t have time to become a mother. My films are my children and I have become a mother of 20 children so far.”

But to let you know, earlier Vidya revealed something related to her pregnancy. She told that in order to get a seat in a train she turned pregnant many times. Actually, she said that in the context of acting. Vidya said that an actor possesses a quality of natural acting. She narrated that:

When I was a young, we used to travel in the train. So in order to get a seat in the train, I used to act like a pregnant woman. It was the best way to get a seat in the jampacked train. I became pregnant, means I acted like pregnant almost every week to fetch a seat in the bus or train.”

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