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High Life 260 Luxury Cars 2 Marriages And Bungalows In 26 Cities, Lavish Life...

260 Luxury Cars 2 Marriages And Bungalows In 26 Cities, Lavish Life Once Vijay Mallya Had

Last year Vijay Mallya ran away from India when he found as the accused of defaulting bank loans worth 9,000 crores and money laundering. On Tuesday he got arrested by the Scotland Yard police in London and got bailed within a few time.
In his good times that he used to lead once, Vijay Mallya was famous for his luxury lifestyle. He had 260 luxury cars, was the owner of 13 bungalows and married twice. Near about defaulting bank loans worth 9,000 crores now, once Vijay Mallya was called as the car lover. In his collection of 260 cars, there were bikes and racing cars too. This collection has now kept safe in a museum.
This museum of Mallya is in California. Vijay Mallya’s car collection had started with the purchase of the year 1913 model of Rolls-Royce car. His car collection became so huge that he appointed a personal manager for it in 1992.
Vijay Mallya had bungalows in 26 cities of the world including Bengaluru, Goa, Mumbai, London etc. They were grand and palace like bungalows. The Kingfisher villa, which has been sold now, in Goa was his favourite among all. It is said that he used to party all night with beautiful models here.
Vijay Mallya had his first marriage with Samira, who was an air-hostess in Air India. Siddharth Mallya is a son of Samira and Vijay Mallya. After getting the divorce with Samira, Vijay Mallya married his neighbour in Bengaluru, her name was Rekha. Rekha Mallya was first married to a coffee planter from Coorg – Pratap Chettiappa. Her second marriage was to Shahid Mahmood and she had two children with him – Laila and Kabir. Vijay Mallya adopted the daughter of his second wife, Laila.
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