Bigg Boss 11 has crossed all the limits of controversies or vulgarity in this season. By hook or crook, the contestants are trying to maintain the positive TRP numbers and to make the viewers interest on a sky-high. A video which contains a disgusting conversation between Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma has gone viral.

Vikas Gupta Disclosed The Number Of Times He’s Masturbated In Bigg Boss 11 House
Source: IndiaTimes


Vikas is seen coming out of the washroom and Priyank Sharma inquired the reason why no sound of flushing came.

“Priyank pointed out if he was masturbating in the washroom.”

Vikas replied:

“I swear on anyone, ki jabse maine enter kia hai is ghar ke andar, tabse only one time (since the time I have entered this house, I have dont it only once).”

The video is disgusting and is being circulated all over the web. Even viewers are feeling distasted as it has happened for the first time in Bigg Boss history when a contestant has given such details about himself.

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