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Trending Vikram Bhatt's Step Finally Forces KRK To Apologize For His Derogatory Remarks

Vikram Bhatt’s Step Finally Forces KRK To Apologize For His Derogatory Remarks

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Though KRK is a ‘self made’ publicity generartor but this time it was Vikram Bhatt who got him back into the limelight. Vikram Bhatt had reportedly slapped a defamation case against him for his derogatory remarks towards women in showbiz. Many celebrities had supported Vikram Bhatt for his this decision.

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The good news following this news is that Kamaal Rashid Khan urf KRK has apologized for his indecent acts.

KRK had been long passing lewd remarks towards a string of Bollywood actresses on social media. He even posted many derogatory comments on Vikram after he had filed a case against him saying that he never fears him and his act. But in a recent turn of events, KRK has apologized.

In reaction to Bhatt’s statements on the controversy, Khan tweeted on Saturday night: “Today I watched Vikram Bhatt and he said — ‘KRK has got big social media power so he should decide whether he wants to be… Recognised as a troll only or respected critic’, and 100 per cent agree with his statement. So thanks to Vikram Bhatt for showing me right way.”

“Anyway thanks Vikram Bhatt for giving me very good advise and I am sorry if I hurt you in the past. Cheers and best of luck for future. I m sorry to all other Bollywood people also if I have hurt anyone by my statement or review. Today a new very serious type of critic has born.”

Though his this change of heart and opininon, and that also so early after the lodging of complaint, comes as a shock and is unbelievable, but still being a gentleman, Vikram Bhatt admiring his decision to apologize, tweeted-“Kamaal R Khan it takes a lot of courage to correct your ways and accept it on a public platform. I admire you for it. I am sure everybody in our fraternity will accept your apology and applaud you for understanding,” he tweeted.

“You are a talented critic and people will take you seriously now because you are not a troll anymore. Cheers,” he added.

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Time and again, Khan in his past tweets, wrote in a deprecating manner about actresses like Priyanka Chopra, Huma Qureshi, Madhuri Dixit Nene, Alia Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Sunny Leone, Bipasha Basu and Nargis Fakhri.

Misuse of social platforms should be checked and such people should be banned, blocked and boycotted off social media!!

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