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35 Years Old Teacher Raped 12 Years Old Student, Married Him And Now…..

A person from the USA, Vili Fualaau has filed for legal separation from his wife Kay Letourneau. He filed for divorce after 20 years of being married to her. Fualaau submitted paperwork on May 9 in Issaquah, Washington seeking to end his 12 years marriage. He has two children also. This case is in the news because they both shared a very controversial relationship with each other.

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In the year 1996, Vili was a student of 6th standard in a school of Seattle whereas Mary was his teacher in the school. Vili was 12 years old that time whereas Mary was 35 years old woman. During this time period, they both made a physical relationship between them. For about 1 year Mary raped 12 years old innocent Vili but later got arrested by the police in 1997.

>When Mary got arrested she was pregnant with Vili’s child. She accepted in the court that she raped Vili. Because of pregnancy Mary’s punishment short down to 3 months from 6 months. The court has also warned Mary to never bother Vili again. But it never happened, after 3 months of being prisoned, when she came back she met Vili and got physical with him again and again. They both caught red-handed in the car while doing sex. And because of this Mary sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment.

After 7 years when she got a release, Vili had become 20 years old. Ultimately she got a divorce from her first husband and served seven years in prison to be with Fualaau, whom she married shortly after her release. She gave birth to her second child from Vili. Now 55 years old Mary is a mother of four children and lives in Washington.


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